Welcome to the blog.

The guiding principal is to use this blog as an expediate to distribute the notes I prepare for my tuesday evening Dharmapunx New York talks. Hopefully these
annotations will aid in understanding the powerful spiritual tools attributed to the Buddha 2500 years ago in the Pali Canon.

I generally spend 5 - 10 hours preparing for each talk's topic, combing through the Pali Canon (found at Ajahn Geoff's Accesstoinsight.org), talks by Theravadan Buddhist monks, books written by
Theravadan monks in my library, along with reflecting on my own experience with each topic.

As I do my research for each talk, I type out notes which I refer to while preparing for the presentation. Rarely, if ever, do I actually look at the notes while teaching, so the notes contain far more ideas than I actually cover in the talks. People who are interested in the topics—especially those who want additional material—might find these preparatory
jottings worthwhile.

If any of these notes raise questions or confusion, please contact me at korda.josh@gmail.com. I really enjoy engaging in correspondence about The Buddha's spiritual tools.

Best, Josh