grasping and resisting

the mind's circuit board is hardwired to feel insecure, unprotected

so we look around for things to make us feel secure

—feeding off the world, upadana

clinging onto the pleasant sensations, phenomena for security

—sensual pleasure, financial gain, approval, productivity, etc.

beating back, fending off the sensations & phenomena

—sensual discomfort, financial loss/instability, disapproval, unproductiveness, etc.

as we consume and repel the world, the feelings of security last for a short while, then we are returned once again to the insecurity that is our default wiring

—this is what keeps us running around

worse, eventually as we feed off of these things, be it money, or approval, or health, we're setting ourselves up for horrible states in the future, as we eventually lose the ability to find peace elsewhere

—the energy, momentum, karma, of clinging and resisting creates

—grasping and resisting is stress, it is dukkha

so we all need to practice letting go.

this requires a place and time we can work at dropping our grasping and resisting, to practice finding and developing an alternative way of being

this practice starts on the inside:

—we practice not grasping at thoughts and moods that arise, clinging to good feelings or thoughts that feel powerful and right

—we practice not pushing away worries or anxieties or anger

with uncomfortable thoughts and moods, we watch, we don't argue or debate or try to will them away

—we remember that every thought that arises is a strategy for our security; many are unskillful, but in their own childlike way they're trying to protect us

—we acknowledge all that arises, without being pulled away from mindfulness

—we maintain awareness of the breath & body (or metta, if that's the practice)

—we cultivate thoughts of gratitude and appreciation, rather than wanting

—if persistent we ask ourselves again if we would give such advice to a friend

—we ask ourselves would we want this to be our last thought or mood?

while letting go feels awkward at first, as the mind wants to grasp and resist, if we get past the feeling of vulnerability, we arrive at a place of far greater peace than any state that involves grasping and resisting