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Insight Breathwork Circle

Join me for a transformational Breathwork Circle in our NEW LOCATION!

Our worlds only change when we make changes. It’s not magic. Where intention goes energy flows- so the question becomes where do we want to point that intention? What is important? What hurts? Are we able to hold ourselves and others with compassion? How often do we live in a sense of integrity? Are we saying yes or no to people, or things that we later regret? How does the body feel when we’re aligned and on the path?

We bring these questions and intentions into the practice inviting the wisdom of our hearts and our bodies to lead the way. We breathe, we feel, and things shift. Feel free to bring along a small object that represents the thought, person, or situation you’d like to direct your energy towards.  You can place it on the altar during the Circle, charging it up as a reminder for yourself of your intention as you move out into the world.

Sliding Scale/Exchange $18-35.

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