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DharmaPunxNYC + iBme Adult Retreat

  • Garrison Institute Rt. 9D at Glenclyffe Garrison, NY 10524 (map)


"Really Getting to Know Yourself: Recognizing and Befriending the Many Parts of the Mind"

Co-taught with Josh Korda and Jessica Morey, Executive Director of iBme (Inward Bound Mindfulness Education)

Early Buddhist texts and practices pioneered our contemporary psychological insights, viewing the human mind as a complex system made up of multiple sub-personalities, or cetasikas (‘mental formations’). One cetasika might seek to achieve accomplishments in the world, while another might seek safe relationships; one formation might worry about the future while another impulse can crave addictive pleasures; on impulse make reject experience, while another is capable of embracing our foibles. Each cetasika can have an entirely distinct personality, with separate, even competing agendas—hence the ongoing inner battles the mind can wage. One modern psychological system that recognizes similarly opposition inner parts is Internal Family Systems. 

Each mental formation has value, and with practice we can get them to work together as a team. But sometimes the various cetasikas engage in inner battles that aren't easily resolved: for example, whether or not to stay in a relationship or job, if and when to have children, how to maintain secure boundaries with family members.

In this retreat we'll explore how meditation allows us to identify and connect with the different inner personalities, and how to safely express our differing needs to others, receiving the support for each impulse to thrive as a member of a fully integrated personality.

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