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Somatic Meditation w/ Scott Tusa : DPX NYC Thursday's on the Bowery

  • Bowery Yoga 302 Bowery New York, NY (map)

For many of us the body, more specifically the feeling body, can be a painful and confusing place. It's no wonder that we develop strong habits of numbing, avoiding, and endlessly fixing our felt experiences that arise within it. 

Just as our corporeal body suffers when we don't take proper care of it, so too does our feeling body of sensations and emotions. Like an attic that accumulates dust and cob webs when ignored, our body of feelings, emotions, and life force energies can "clutter," resulting in a not so stellar emotional life. This further compounds when we have unresolved trauma or emotional injury.

Somatic meditation is a practice of meeting the body on it’s own terms, learning to safely reconnect, and heal. We develop an ability to truly listen to our bodies, deepening our capacity to approach ever subtler sensations and emotions with a more inquisitive and evolving compassionate heart.

Bowery Yoga, 302 Bowery, NYC

Please arrive by 6:50 and plan to stay for the entire class.

Sliding scale $15-$30