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Taking the One Seat- A Virtual Breathwork Circle

Virtual Breathwork Circle - join me from the comfort of your own home

*This virtual group will be from 3-5pm EST on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

*a recording will be sent to you after the class

*instructions and the link to join the group will be emailed to you by 1:00pm on June 23rd

SORRY- This class was canceled due to low enrolment. We’ll try it again soon.

TAKING THE ONE SEAT Ajahn Chah invited each of us to take “the one seat” where we’re able to witness the arising and passing of our experience at the sense doors. Meeting this classic meditation instruction from a breathwork perspective, we’re inviting in a full expression of this “one who knows” If there’s resistance, tension in the body or sound that needs to come on line in order to facilitate a shift, we allow the space -that isn’t available in a meditation hall- for that expression to come through.

Breathwork is an active form of meditation that uses a two-part breath to shift stuck emotional energy. This clearing out can happen in our physical self as well as in out belief systems.  When we breathe consciously and with purpose- focusing all of our attention on that- it has the ability to bypass the thinking mind, allowing us to stay with the felt sense in the body. Because we aren’t engaged in defending, or blaming, or the other ways we shut down around our feelings- the breath is able partner with our nervous system, helping us to flush out some of the emotional bracing or baggage that we might be carrying. Shifting stuck emotional energy facilitates the release of strong emotions like anger and grief in their pure, felt form. Most people describe feeling softer, more spacious and less burdened.

*All you need in order to participate is a computer or phone with the zoom video application. All are welcome!  Please do read through the list of circumstances when breathwork is contraindicated and assure yourself that you are healthy and able to participate.


*no credits or refunds are offered for this group

Contraindications:  pregnancy, cardiovascular problems, significantly high blood pressure, major psychiatric conditions, recent surgery, acute infectious illness or epilepsy.  Asthma is not generally considered a contraindication but the participants inhaler must be available.